Beginner Campaign

Session 1

Met at a crossroads where a stalled halfling merchant name Traveus was residing. He was being overrun by goblins, the four adventurers aided the merchant but the goblins and a mysterious black rider on a horse made of with a locked box. Traveus asked them to retrieve it and in return would give them 30gp.

They traveled in the direction of the goblins, and after narrowly escaping a wolf ambush found the lair. Upon entering they fought more goblins, killing one who left behind a wife, named Mary, and a child.

Furthering progressing into the lair they encountered some very large rats, and a slightly obvious trap (even though the rug really did tie the room together). The dragonborn almost succumbed to an obscure rat STD but luckily was not completely exposed.

After a short break, a decision was made to continue straight ahead into the next room, however before they could enter one of the party members, the dragonborn Shimmy Slamboni, turned on them. He was an agent of the, as of yet unnamed, Black Rider.

A not at all epic battle ensued involving grease, a spirit bear, and the resident badass Glitter chopping of his head. The adventurers are now distrustful of anyone bearing the Slamboni name.


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